Time Consuming Task Of Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes

It takes time to heal. You wonder why it hurts. You wonder why it hurts so much. You have questions. They usually start with the single word. Why? Why are there plagues. Why are we suffering from these?

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Overnight hardship. Everything is lost. All is lost. But do you know what, this is important, you might be suffering now, but there have been those that have been suffering always. Always. They have always suffered from extreme weather conditions. Earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons, tsunamis, all on one island.

Or an archipelago of islands. And then there are those. Not dozens of them. Thousands of them. All in one go. It does not even have to be the hottest day of the year. It could have been any time of the year; it is warm enough for them. And of course, it is moist enough for them as well. It happens the moment the lights go out.

Or cut out. Power cuts. People not able to service their electric bills. The authorities do not waste an extra moment. Poor people. You wish they could afford the mosquito treatment in Nashville that you have been given. Or do you? Do you have a heart? Do you care about what happens to others? Well, you should because believe this or not, it is precisely your behavior that has placed them in this predicament.

Well, it’s not even a predicament. They don’t seem to have any choice. Not wishing to point a finger of blame. But encouraging you not to do that too. But encouraging you to address how you live life every day. It is hardly sustainable. And it is probably too much already. The very fact that there are mosquitoes in your yard should tell you.